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We know the struggle to get a foot in the door of the huge pharmaceutical industry; that’s why we have tailored this certificate pathway to be exactly as the industry demands and enter any interview with full confidence!

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Why should you be a Qualified Professional in Drug Safety QPDS?

The average salary of a Drug Safety Physician is about $144K/year! and the pharmacovigilance market is going to grow to $13 billion in 2027! that means increasing demand across the world for skilled professionals who can carry out surveillance safety trials and make reliable reports by leveraging the technological advancements in the field.


know the most critical aspects affecting Pharmacovigilance employees firsthand

The course will be delivered by experienced trainers in the field who know the most critical aspects affecting PV employees firsthand. Throughout the training sessions, practical examples and frequently asked questions will be addressed through a rigorous and practical approach.


Our course will treat another different subject such as the international context of pharmacovigilance, and sources of information in pharmacovigilance, in order to document signal detection, ICSRs, PSURs, referrals and more, presenting practical situations which may impact on daily activities.


We will also be talking about the latest updates national and international guidance (ICH, FDA, EMA, Health Canada, PMDA) for signal detection in pharmacovigilance, with practical examples of medical evaluation in signal management, focusing also on the issues most frequently encountered.


When you become Qualified Professional in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety (QPDS)​ you will get one year membership to:

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Target Audience

This Certification is Designed for Graduates Who have a Scientific Background


BSc. in pharmacy, PharmD, MSc in pharmacy, PhD in pharmacy.

Medical Practitioners

Medical doctors, and nurses.

Scientists & Researchers

Medical doctors, and nurses.


This Certification is Designed for Professionals Aspiring to Make a Career as

Drug safety, PV scientist, specialist, associate

Medical Safety scientist, specialist, reviewer

Clinical trial case processing safety specialist

Risk management, assessment, minimization manager, director etc.

PV safety and analytics reporting analyst, specialist, associate 

Data management, governance, operations manager, associate etc.

Learning Outcomes

North America

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Learning Outcomes


Success Story

International Medical Doctor to Pharmacovigilance Specialist at McKesson

When I moved to Canada I was a freshly graduated medical doctor without any experience in the pharmaceutical industry and some experience in the clinical research field. I started seeking for an interesting job in the medical area giving that it is very difficult to have equivalency of my medical diploma. It was a long journey! I applied for clinical research entry level jobs, I had interviews but without success! I followed a pharmacovigilance course given by InnoVigilance which permitted to me to discover the PV world, and to have the precious key which allowed me to have an interview at McKesson for the position of pharmacovigilance specialist. I am really grateful to them.

Learning Path

Qualified Professional in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety (QPDS)

Module 0
Pharmacovigilance Introduction and Basics
Wooden toy blocks stacked with medical icon for medical and health insurance concepts.

Overview of drug safety and pharmacovigilance basic notions, terminology, regulation and main pharmacovigilance activities.

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Module 1
Drug Safety Regulation and Good Pharmacovigilance Practices

As Drug safety is a highly regulated field, in this module, the pharmacovigilance trainee will acquire a strong knowledge and a deep understanding of both local and global regulation and good pharmacovigilance practices which are the key to reach compliance and face challenges during audits and inspections.

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Module 2
Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Operations

In this module, the Pharmacovigilance trainee will be able to handle basic steps in drug safety as day to day activities (Data collection, Data Entry in Safety database, Coding of adverse reaction descriptions, Case causality assessment and Timely reporting to authorities).

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Module 3
Safety and Quality
Safety Medical Writing, Quality and Compliance
Doctor working with laptop computer and writing on paperwork. Hospital background.

Once the pharmacovigilance trainee understands drug safety regulation and is able to handle PV activities on a daily basis, this module, allow him/her to lead projects on redacting Aggregate Reports and Risk Management Plans, identifying new potential risks and developing risk minimization measures, ensuring Quality and Compliance and contributing in Audits and Inspections.

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Job Ready
Qualified Professional in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

Get ready for the pharmaceutical industry with this complete suite that will give you access to all 4 modules mentioned above plus CV updates and job readiness, interview mock, and personal coaching for a lesser price!

About the instructor

Who is Dr. Omar Aimer?

North America and Europe
Speaker & Chair of roundtables
Dr. Omar Aimer presenting in World Drug Safety Congress 2019

World Congress Americas & Europe

Executive Committee Member

North American Chapter of ISoP

He is also an Executive Committee member of the international society of pharmacovigilance (strategic innovation leader and restorer).

Pharmacovigilance Drug and Device Safety Specialist

Global pharmaceutical company

MSc. Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

Paris Descartes University

2011 - 2017
Pharmacovigilance Drug & Device Safety Pharmacist

Raymond Poincaré – APHP

MSc. Industrial Pharmacy

Paris Descartes University

2008 - 2011
Pharmacovigilance Pharmacist

Pharmacovigilance Regional Center (ANSM) – APHP 

2004 - 2008
Lecturer on pharmacology

University of Oran

Pharmaceutical Products laboratory Director
PhD. Pharmacology

University of Algiers

BSc. Pharmacy

University of Oran

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